Now that most of the world is learning what it’s like to work remotely, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the tools that make remote working and harnessing technology from anywhere so powerful. From software and hardware, to best practices and tips to help you quickly adapt to the new and growing landscape of remote work, Tech and Leisure will help you discover how to execute your personal power from anywhere.

This is a time of profound change, not just in the way we see the world, but the way in which technology allows us to collaborate and interact with each other to work in amazing new ways. A remote work lifestyle isn’t just about an app-powered toolset or a new corporate strategy, it’s an entire shift in how you see yourself in the world. It’s about enjoying your successes and the time those wins afford you.


Who Is Adario Strange?

I am the creator of Tech and Leisure, a platform to address the new way we communicate and work with each other across large distances while also enjoying the best of life. Throughout the years, starting around 2007, I’ve functioned as a full-time remote analyst for the likes of Wired, The American Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, and other enterprise organizations.

Whether it was from a Tokyo rooftop bar lounge, a beach-side plank table in Los Angeles, a quaint cafe in Paris, or from my brownstone in New York City, I have worked and enjoyed life from pretty much anywhere I could find an internet connection, equipped with a laptop, a live streaming camera, the right software, and a location-agnostic view of the world.

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photo by omar al-ghosson via unsplash